Tag Heuer Watches As First Choice For You!

Tag Heuer

Tag Heuer watches are a manifestation of an extreme, ceaselessly uncompromising attitude that took form under several, watchful, professional eyes. That’s not where it all ends! Just to make sure, they are all subjected to extreme mechanical, atmospheric and chemical tortures; only those coming out with flying colors hits the shelves!

Terms like X-Fluorescence and submarine ultrasound waves bear no great meaning to us most; what matters whether an object of value and use will yield or not in the face of extreme pressures! Tag Heuer, with these unique quality tests, endorses every timepiece and doing that every time, they have got a patent out from the Federal Institute for Intellectual Property, Switzerland. That’s reason enough why Tag Heuer watches should be a first choice for you!

What about the aesthetics, then? Well, that’s personal choice and all that can be said is none of the TAG Heuer watches can be accused of putting up weird or awkward designs. If you are a person of taste, TAG Heuer is going to impress! What really matters is everything that shape the TAG Heuer as a superior product without taking the prices insanely high.

TAG’s policy of material analysis doesn’t just concern the steel, titanium or the alloys used for construction; it analyses/tests systematically even the decorative, precious metal plating in terms of its content (carats) and gauge (thickness of plating). This gives a realistic picture of the amount of stress a TAG Heuer watch can withstand on a regular basis.

Next, it is the friction-resistance test. Meant to be your un-bruised companion for life, TAG Heuer therefore; carries out accelerated wear and tear tests on every case and bracelet they use and modifies them – if required – to increase their abrasion resistance.

When it comes to the testing of internal resistance to wear and tear i.e. of the movements, every TAG Heuer watch is subjected to more than 5,000 testing cycles, which is equivalent to several years of careless use under extreme conditions. However, it is not meant for the movements and their internal components only but for every functional part of the watches, including the turning bezels, crowns and pushers. This is what you call SHOCK-RESISTANCE normally, but TAG views them differently! That’s why they devised a separate set of rigorous tests on that simulate the shocks generated through significant impacts in real life. The tests include VIBRATION- and TRACTION RESISTANCE; the kind you face when you are aboard a high-speed vehicle that’s moving on uneven surfaces. You pay only for pieces that are not affected by fatigue, which are inevitable (for any other watch) under such conditions. And we still didn’t mention the resistance a Tag-Heuer piece puts up against the faces of corrosive elements such as chlorine, sulfur, perspiration, sea-water, ultraviolet rays and temperature! Better, if you find them out yourself and relish the wonder they will subject you to!